Hazardous Copper Beryllium Alloy

Copper Beryllium is an alloy that's desirable for many different industries and applications. 

Beryllium is one of the most dangerous and toxic metal. Chronic beryllium disease primarily affects the lungs.

CBD may occur among people who are exposed to the dust or fumes from beryllium metal, metal oxides, alloys. Inhaling Beryllium dust or fumes may cause serious, chronic lung disease & beryllium can also cause lung cancer

QTi® Copper Titanium Alloy

Copper Titanium is a high-tech innovative technology developed by India.


Copper Titanium alloy is manufactured from high purity Copper and Titanium raw materials. It undergoes complex cycles of alloy manufacturing, heat treatments and mechanical processing to achieve its desired properties. 

Copper Titanium alloy was developed to replaced hazardous Copper Beryllium alloys


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